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“Job and his friends”, Ilya Repin - description of the painting

“Job and his friends”, Ilya Repin - description of the painting

Job and his friends - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 133 x 199

In 1869, Repin received a small gold medal for the painting “Job and His Friends” - the commission was delighted with such an original (but within the framework of academic requirements) embodiment of the famous Old Testament plot.

The martyr Job appears before friends who were dumbfounded by what he saw - once a happy righteous man, having lost his children and all his property, he suffers from terrible diseases. Close people are amazed at so many dramatic changes in an unhappy friend.

At first glance, the color palette attracts attention. The background is a smoky texture made in emerald color. Through the haze come the mighty mountains, the peaks of which are lit by the sun. The heroes of the picture are depicted in contrasting colors, at the same time perfectly harmonizing with each other.

But the most striking thing is the filigree embodiment of emotions. Job's tired and desolate face, heartbroken, his wife’s suffering face, located to the right of his unhappy husband, amazed and confused faces of friends.

There are no tears, moans, desperate screams, however, you almost physically feel the difficult situation, extreme loneliness, fear, the unfolding plot.

Many critics honestly noted that the young Repin exceeded in this work many recognized masters of portrait and historical genres. And it was just the beginning ...

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