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Amazing Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna

Amazing Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna

Vienna Museum of Applied Arts (Osterreichisches Museum fur angewandte Kunst - MAK) is one of the most remarkable and rare museums of this type in the world. And this is felt not only in the items of the collection, but also in the exterior of the entire museum as a whole. Designers from all over the world worked on the design of the exhibition halls.

At the beginning of the XIX century, visiting the Albert and Victoria Museum in London, the famous Austrian philanthropist R. Eitelberger decided to create something similar in Vienna. In 1872, the museum began to receive its first visitors, and later a school of applied art was opened at it, where Gustav Klimt studied. It was at this time that everyday objects of the era of the Middle Ages and Renaissance fell into the museum's collection.

Vienna Museum of Applied Arts Collections

The museum's collection is presented in the exhibition halls on the principle of separation of eras, from the Romanesque to the modern. The first halls were reserved for exhibiting antiquities of the Rococo and Baroque styles. The exhibition hall №4 presents a unique collection of oriental carpets.

The fifth hall presents furniture made of flexible wood from the Tonet factory, the chairs of which are still used in Viennese cafes. The sixth room features Biedermeier-style sofas and armchairs. Their laconic form and bright colors attract the eye. There are in the hall and sofa copy Salvador Dali lip shaped.

The collections of contemporary art are exhibited in the halls from 15 to 18. A collection of household items from Asian countries is exhibited on the basement floors. The finest Chinese porcelain, rare patterns for coloring from Japan, fancy furniture - all these unique exhibits are presented in exhibition hall "Asia".

Museum excursions

The museum’s excursion program is designed in such a way that it can impress even the most demanding guests. A sightseeing tour on Saturdays is conducted in German, and on Sundays in English. At any time, you can order an individual tour, the staff of IAC take into account any wishes and preferences of visitors. The MAK NITE program is held every Tuesday and will be interesting to guests regardless of their age and nationality.

After the tour, you can relax and enjoy Austrian cuisine in the OSTERREICHER IM MAK restaurant. The restaurant's menu offers both classic and modern Viennese cuisine. In the summer, a wonderful street cafe is open.

Design shop IAC

We can not say about the impressive design store MAK. In iron cabinets jewelry is exhibited, books are stored in refrigerators. Fans of non-standard gifts can watch a lot of interesting things here. Each such item put up for sale is a piece of art created by young Austrian and international designers. The store’s specialists will give qualified advice when buying interior items.

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